Gumdrop Drop Tech Designer series protects your Apple iPhone 5

Rugged iPhone cases add bulk to a slim device, but they are necessary if you work in the field are live an active lifestyle and need to protect your investment.

Last year I took a look at a few rugged iPad cases and one of them was from Gumdrop. They recently sent along one of their Drop Tech Series for iPhone 5 cases and I wanted to share some of my experiences with it. These types of cases are good for those who spend time outside working with their iPhone or have active lifestyles where their iPhone is exposed to the elements.

Check out my image gallery showing the Gumdrop Drop Tech Designer case with my iPhone 5.

I am not a huge fan of rugged cases that require me to install a separate screen protector so I was pleased to see the Gumdrop Drop Tech come with the screen protector attached to the front piece of the case. The case comes in two pieces, the front with the screen protector has a hard plastic shell. The review unit came in light blue. Unlike other rugged cases I have tried there are not two hard pieces that fit together. The front piece covers all around the front and the sides.

To hold the back in place and secure, the yellow (in this case) thick rubber piece fits over the back, around the sides, and into a groove around the front to securely hold it into place. The rubber material is not sticky like some cases I have tried so it easily fits into and out of my pocket without collecting lots of lint and dust. The back has ridges on the back and the material helps you grip the iPhone too.

There is a hard plastic black ring that fits around the camera opening to help protect the camera and add some rigidity in this area. There are covers on the bottom for the 3.5mm headset jack and Lightning port and one on the side for the ringer switch. Distinct pieces cover the power button and volume buttons so you can easily control these functions with the case on your iPhone.

The Gumdrip Drop Tech case adds very little weight to the iPhone, but it does add some bulk. This bulk is good for protecting your iPhone, especially in the corners where drops tend to have more severe consequences. The integrated screen protector doesn't seem to have much impact on the sensitivity of the display and so far has remained scratch free. You can pick up a Gumdrop Drop Tech Designer series case for $44.95. They are available in blue & pink, yellow & blue, orange & blue, and purple & pink. They also have the standard Drop Tech Series in black, red and black, and Army green for the same price.