Hack In The Box 2013 Kuala Lumpur: Top Talk Picks

Legendary security conference Hack In The Box opens today with an impressive talk lineup. Our top picks include iMessage man-in-the-middle attacks and digital DNA phishing.

This morning in Malaysia notorious security conference Hack In The Box readies to open its doors and offer a juicy talk schedule to attending hackers, security researchers, corporate spies, law enforcement, and more. 

They're letting a few journalists in, too. ZDNet is here Kuala Lumpur to bring you highlights as they happen.



Hack In The Box is at the Intercontinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur, starting today October 16th from 9am to 6pm and tomorrow, October 17th also from 9-6.

Helpful links for talk attendees:

We've got a shortlist of recommended talks below, though there are many more great presentations on the schedule.

If you can't teleport to Malaysia today, we'll be on hand to share all the exciting security drama - and Hack In The Box will post links to talk materials immediately after each talk on the HITB Twitter account, and videos to its YouTube account

Common Ground: 

Transport Security

Privacy and Social Networking

Corporate Espionage and Hardware Attacks

Apple iOS and OS X Security

Wireless Technology Abuse

The lavish InterContinental Hotel serves as the stage for this year's 41 speakers, a collection comprised of hackers, security professionals, law enforcement, corporate intelligence representatives, and more.

Stay tuned - we'll be posting conference galleries each day, interviews with star speakers and posting news, drama and exploits as it all happens here in Kuala Lumpur.