Hackers targeting phone systems, warn Australian police

An investigator with the Australian Federal Police has warned security professionals that their telephone systems could be at risk for hacking

The Australian Federal Police warned Australian IT security professionals to do penetration testing on their telephone systems or risk having their private branch exchange hacked.

"[Private automatic branch exchange] PABX hacking and fraud... is happening more and more," Australian Federal Police (AFP) investigator Alex Tilley said at last week's AusCERT 2010 conference. "It's been around for donkey's years, but in the last few months we've seen domestically and globally a major up kick in the amount of money that's being lost through PABX hacking.

"You go home as a system administrator at night, come in the next morning and you've got an email from a telco saying 'Hey, by the way, you just made AU$30,000 (£17,290) worth of calls to Cuba last night, is that normal?'"

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