Hadoop fuses with Cassandra for Brisk data platform

The platform will combine static and live big data tools to allow real-time analysis of data through Cassandra, with Hadoop and Hive functionality included

Apache development company DataStax has introduced Brisk, a big data-processing platform that combines the technologies of Hadoop, Hive and Cassandra into a single package.

Brisk, announced on Wednesday, is targeted at large websites, financial and capital markets, the retail sector and anywhere involving high-volume data processing. It integrates Hadoop and Cassandra to the point that Hadoop-analysed data can be exposed via the local Cassandra cluster.

"The challenge of 'big data' is twofold. The analytical side is well understood and served by Hadoop and Hive. However, we live in a real-time world, and the ability for applications to interact with big data at low latency is equally important," Matt Pfeil, chief executive of DataStax, said in a statement.

"Cassandra was bred for big data, real-time scenarios, and using it to power Hive and Hadoop gives users a single solution that serves both needs," he added.

Brisk creates a Hadoop Distributed File System-compatible storage layer, which is powered by Cassandra, allowing live file integration with Hadoop and Hive.

Hadoop, an open-source tool for data warehousing and data analytics, is used by several large organisations, including eBay and Facebook. Hive is a data warehouse that is built on top of Hadoop and provides tools for summarising, displaying and analysing Hadoop-stored files. Cassandra is a scalable, distributed database for active, live datasets.

DataStax said Brisk will be available via the Apache open-source licence within 45 days.

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