Half drunk employees more worrying than Y2K

Alcohol seen as a greater threat than millennium bugs, NOP report indicates

Most British IT managers believe that on millennium morning, half drunk employees will be a much greater threat to their computer infrastructure than any trifling Y2K problem, according to a report commissioned by software company Symantec.

The report, carried out by National Opinion Poll (NOP), indicated that 32 percent of UK corporate IT mangers believe that alcoholic over-exuberance will make concerns over the millennium bug seem very misguided indeed.

Symantec believes that this report illustrates a worrying lack of awareness about the real danger of the millennium bug still prevalent within many UK companies.

Aled Miles, managing director for Symantec UK describes the situation in more sinister terms saying, "whilst these findings may seem light-hearted, they demonstrate the fact that the Y2K message still hasn't got through to a number of organisations. This means that there is still a job to be done by both industry and government."