Halloween Light Show that blows them all away

While most people are handing out candy, the creator of this light show is busy checking bulbs

This year my neighborhood featured dueling haunted houses. One neighbor had a smoke machine, tomb stones, and things that I couldn't even describe, while the other featured some of the same, but then included some animatronic zombies. It seems there's no end to the integration of technology into this holiday.

With the above in mind, take a look at the evolution of the Halloween Light Show. Below you can see what the creator of the light show produced in 2008, compared to what his 2010 remake now offers. You can check out a bunch of his other videos on his youtube channel. They're definitely worth the viewing.

I have to admit that when I see things like the videos below, and the haunted houses down my street, I start thinking about what I could do to my own home, especially with all of the tech gear that I own and have been collecting for years. I now have a year to think about it.

2008 edition

2010 edition