Handheld security in the Palm of your hand

Signature recognition software paves way for next generation security

Ever wished you could make your Palm handheld computer totally secure with the wave of a hand? Well now you can, thanks to revolutionary signature recognition software from US company Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC).

The application called Sign-on makes use of biometric signature recognition technology to allow Palm users to activate PDA pal with their signature.

It is the first ever software security solution for the Palm and should delight more security-conscious advocates of handheld technology. Gabriel Acosta-Lopez, director of platform development services for Palm Computing, believes that this is not just a groovy gimmick for application-mad Palm users but in fact an important development in secure computing.

Acosta-Lopez said: "With the increasing deployment of enterprise level applications that allow users to access and transfer data from their PCs, corporate networks, and the Internet, data security has become extremely important. By providing a tool to secure the organiser and its data with a low cost, reliable biometric identifier, CIC has fulfilled a key need for our users."

CIC is even claiming that this technology is superior to a good old fashioned 10-digit password because it is easier to use. "Unlike traditional password protection systems, your signature cannot easily be guessed or forgotten. Now, you don't have to remember yet another password," a spokesman said.

The application currently retails for $19.99 (£11.96) and is currently only available in the US.