Handling customer expectations: Playstation.com

Sony Australia launched its Playstation.com in November last year, for its fully integrated e-tailing storefront, it chose SAP's CRM solution.

When Sony Computer Entertainment Australia launched PlayStation.com in November 2000, it chose mySAP CRM to deliver a world-first, fully integrated e-tailing solution

It attracted thousands of fans who browsed through playstation.com product catalog, collecting their merchandise in a virtual shopping cart and then securely complete their transaction.

To manage their customers’ expectations, Sony even designed an extra feature which allows buyers to see whether the merchandise is in stock and if it is not, when it will become available.

Does PS.com deliver first class customer service? YES

According to Michael Ephraim, managing director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia. "The integration mySAP CRM provides is critical to ensure high satisfaction levels throughout the customer's entire contact cycle with Sony. With this e-business solution, we will be able to improve our cost-effectiveness and profitability through streamlined management and reporting procedures.”

From the fist click to last, the user gets to indulge in a brand equity that PlayStation has established over the years and enjoy the same level of excitement and entertainment that PlayStation, PS One and PlayStation 2 have offered so far to the over 1.8 million purchasers of our products in Australia.

Companies like Sony has transformed massive amounts of data quickly into insights for understanding customer motives and delivering greater value. In e-tailing, it's not unusual for it to take more than 24 hours to organize and analyze a day's worth of data. That's too long. To get control of this data and make the most of it, Sony has made that data always available - online on their Web site to their customers who matter.

According to ISM Inc, an independent CRM consulting and analysis firm, customers and employees want an easy-access view into relevant and timely business information. A good CRM eliminates boundaries between companies and their customers throughout all phases of the relationship, from engaging the customer and negoitiating business transactions through fulfilling orders and ensuring customer satisfaction.

That is what Sony Computer Entertainment Australia achieved with Playstation.com, where mySAP CRM’s analytical tools were used to help identify market segments for specific products and services, coordinate sales and marketing efforts, and turn customer information into sales results.

“We are excited to have worked with SAP in this ambitious project, which saw Playstation.com being one of the most robust and integrated sites in Australia,” said Michael.