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Watch a video of a new DIY home design app developed by prefab manufacturer IDEAbuilder
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Prefab manufacturer IDEAbuilder have developed a handsfree home design program. Their Kinect based app allows users to snap together a house from a library of components using only hand and body gestures. The library is populated with components that can be digitally fabricated and robotically manufactured in the company's factory. A performance shell feature lets users design to energy performance standards.

The app is a few steps beyond the other design programs on the market that allow homeowners to design their own homes. Of course, the library of building components and materials is limited to what IDEAbuilder provide, but the simple interface might encourage more people to try the program.

IDEAbuilder's Online Home Builder is still in pre-release and the company plans to improve the user interface and add more components. Watch a video of the app below:

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