Hands-on impressions of the Google Pixel C Android tablet: Optimized for work, apps need to follow

The upcoming Google Pixel C has an elegant keyboard solution, but now Google needs to put some effort into getting tablet-optimized apps for the enterprise.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Google announced the Pixel C Android tablet this morning and after fighting the crowds in a small room I was able to touch, feel, and try it out a bit.

The Pixel C was offered up as a sneak peek with more details and the release coming later this year. The announcement was a bit light on specs, but it is essentially taking the high end Chromebook Pixel experience and bringing it to an Android tablet.

The Pixel C is optimized to work with the $149 keyboard accessory and I doubt I would ever buy it without the keyboard. The keyboard serves as a display cover and text entry mechanism.

The keyboard is actually one of the coolest things about the Pixel C with an extremely strong magnetic hinge, wireless inductive charging capability, and modified keys. You never have to worry about charging up the keyboard, there is no microUSB port to even do so, as it charges from the Pixel C when you have it resting in place as a display cover.

Google took a few keys from each side and placed them on the display. This makes the keys larger and I really enjoyed tapping away on the keyboard in the few minutes I spent with it.

The Pixel C has a 10 inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1800 display leading to 309 ppi. It looks great in person, but I didn't get to watch a movie or really test it out for too long.

USB Type-C is also used for fast charging up the Pixel C with a reported battery life of about 10 hours.

The Nexus 9, see my review, was a bit of a disappointment so I am not yet convinced I will pick up a Pixel C. However, with the Pixel branding and focus on an elegant design, much better than the HTC Nexus 9, I am considering it at the $599 price for the 64GB model.

Google is going to need to focus on bringing more tablet-optimized apps to Android before I think this will be a compelling device. I primarily use an Android tablet to watch movies and that isn't enough to justify a device more focused on work.

Then again, the Pixel C has that same cool Chromebook Pixel color bar and is less expensive than the Chromebook so I may be compelled to get one for Christmas.

Hands-on gallery with the Google Pixel C

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