Hands-on: Protect your Apple Watch with the Speck CandyShell Fit cover

People have voiced concerns about scatches on the sides and display of the Apple Watch. Speck Products has developed a simple, attractive, and effective solution.


My T-Mobile SIM card finds its way back into the iPhone 6 Plus more than ever due to my pleasure using the Apple Watch Sport edition. There have been many reports of scratches on the sides (bezel) and on the glass display when bumping or using the Apple Watch in various situations.

Speck Products developed the CandyShell Fit for the Apple Watch to provide full bezel protection. I've been using it for more than a week while out running, working in the yard, and surveying ships and my Apple Watch remains flawless today.

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The CandyShell Fit is availble for just $29.95, which is a fair price to protect a very expensive wearable device. Currently only the black/slate grey model is available, but Speck Products will soon have white, red, and blue models to match the Apple Watch Sport bands. The black and grey one looks fine with my blue Sport band, as you can see in my product gallery below.

The product is fairly simple with a dual-layered design made of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) that includes an inner layer that fits against your Apple Watch with an outer hard glossy different color piece on top. The sides of the cover add 2mm to the width. The raised bezel offers side protection while adding 1.5mm to the top for some display protection as well. There is no screen protector on the cover.

There are openings on the left for the speaker and mic with an opening on the right for the digital crown. A raised button covers the right side button, making it fully usable when the CandyShell Fit is in place.

To install the CandyShell Fit, you simply place the right side over the digital crown, the opening fully circles the digital crown, and side button and then snap the left side down and into place. The CandyShell Fit remains securely in place, even when bumped. I intentionally bumped mine a few times to test it out and it performed well at protecting my Apple Watch and staying in position.

The CandyShell Fit 42mm model weighs in at just 2.9 grams while the 38mm model is 2.6 grams. I never even noticed the change in weight and the added dimensions are also barely noticeable.

The CandyShell Fit looks great on the Apple Watch with your Sport band and I am now placing it on my Apple Watch whenever I run or work outside in the yard. It comes with a one-year warranty against defects and workmanship.

Speck Products stated that it went through a rigorous testing program for the development of this case, including submergence in artificial sweat and sunscreen oils/lotions, testing in 98 percent humidity, salt spray testing for 72 hours, extreme high temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit and a low of -20 degree Fahrenheit for 72 hours. It should stand up to all the conditions you might expose yourself and your Apple Watch to.

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