Hands-on review: Iomega SuperHero backup and charger dock

Iomega recently debuted the SuperHero backup and charger dock for the iPhone. Here's the hands-on review.

Iomega recently debuted the SuperHero backup and charger dock for the iPhone. Here's the hands-on review.


The device looks simple, and the set-up process is simple too. The catch is that it will take a very long time. However, that doesn't mean you'll have to sit around the entire duration either.

To make things clearer, let's go over what I did. First, I downloaded the Iomega SuperHero app from iTunes to my iPhone 4.

Once that was done and ready to go, I set my preferences within the app of what I wanted to sync. I chose both contacts and photos, which is basically all that is available right now.

I plugged in the SuperHero docking station, inserted the included 4GB SD card on the reverse side of the dock and then attached the iPhone on top of the 30-pin connector. Immediately, the iPhone reacted and the app got going.


The first time that you use the SuperHero station to sync your information, it could take a very long time. Contacts are small files, so that shouldn't be much of a time-consumer. But photos is where you will run into a roadblock. I have 203 photos stored on my iPhone, thus, it took nearly six hours to sync everything. At first, I was worried that I'd have to sit around and wait in case something went wrong. But after awhile, I realized I didn't need to be there.

The screen stays bright the entire time, but since the phone is also being charged, there's no worry about the battery dying. Once the sync is completed, the screen will dim on its own.

Charging is rather straight-forward (it's a very simple docking station), and subsequent syncs are also much quicker as the SuperHero is just gathering new and additional information.

The final feature that the SuperHero can do is restore information to the iPhone. The SuperHero would be useful if you had to restore your iPhone to factory settings, erasing personal information in the process. Thus, you have another place where contacts are stored (if for some reason they aren't already saved to your computer). It's also helpful in case you bought a new iPhone because the previous handheld was old or lost/stolen.

Expect the restoration process to take as long as the first sync because you'll be transferring all of that data again, which could be a long or short time depending on how many photos you have.

One last note that doesn't fit in elsewhere: the dock space is large enough that you can leave most protective cases on the iPhone. Bonus points for ease and design.


The Iomega SuperHero is available worldwide now for $69.99, and it is compatible with the iPhone 4/3GS/3G and iPod touch 3G/4G. The mobile app is free and ready for downloading from the iTunes App Store.