Hands-on: Techlink Recharge 3000 powers your Apple iPhone 6s in style

Battery life is a challenge that remains to be solved so the portable battery pack market is alive and well. The Recharge 3000 is a very slim and attractive battery pack that travels well.

While there are a few phones with battery life to get through a full long day, most struggle to make it. Many people use portable battery packs, but they are often heavy and tough to carry in a pocket or purse.

I spent the last few weeks with an extremely thin and light battery pack designed for the Apple iPhone 6. The Techlink Recharge 3000 UltraThin is a well designed battery pack that matches the Apple iPhone design and color schemes.


You can purchase the Techlink Recharge 3000 from the Apple Store for $79.95, in gold, silver, or gray. I tested out a gold one that has white highlights. The gray one matches the iPhone space gray with a black cable to match the black front of the iPhone.


The Recharge 3000 has an alumimun casing with rubberized slip-resistant coating. It is only 7mm thick and feels great in the hand. It weighs in at just 89 grams (3.14 ounces). The retail package includes a leather pouch slip case and small USB to microUSB cable.

You charge up the battery pack with the microUSB cable while a Lightning cable is built into the bottom of the battery pack. You can charge up a dead Recharge 3000 in about three hours. The Recharge 3000 has a 3,000 mAh capacity with 1.0 amp charging current designed to provide 1.2 times the charge needed for an iPhone 6.

The Lightning cable fits up into the bottom of the battery pack and has a cable about 3 inches in length. Press photos show people plugging in their iPhone 6 while then holding the battery pack on the back of their iPhone. It is actually thin and light enough to support this practice.


There is no on/off switch so as soon as you plug it into your iPhone then it starts charging and indicator lights, four LEDs, appear on the front.

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While the Recharge 3000 packaging states it is designed for the iPhone 6, you can use it with any iPhone or iPad model with a Lightning port.

You can find other less expensive, higher capacity portable battery packs for your device. The ability to charge via microUSB, the integrated Lightning cable, and slim design are attractive features in the Recharge 3000. You can easily slip this in your pocket or purse and rest easy knowing you can top off your iPhone 6 while out and about.