Hands-on video of HTC BlinkFeed and camera software on HTC One

I spent more time with the HTC One at the NY launch event and had an HTC rep walk me through the BlinkFeed interface and the camera software. There are some very cool features here.


I posted some first thoughts on the HTC One when it was announced this morning that included some initial time I spent with the device a couple weeks ago. I had more time to use the HTC One at the New York launch event and captured the video walkthrough of HTC BlinkFeed and the camera.

It is interesting to read the comments in my first HTC One post as many readers are stating it should run Windows Phone. I must have a bit of a skewed audience since Windows Phone has not shown to capture many fans and many power uses I know prefer Android. In typical HTC fashion, we may see a device like the HTC One running Windows Phone in the future. However, HTC is able to customize Android more to give it their own personal touch and I think that is something they need to really establish and grow the HTC brand.


I wrote that HTC did just about everything they needed to (a larger battery or a removable would have been nice) with the HTC One to release a high end smartphone with elegant design. They need the HTC One to succeed and I hope they do since I like choice in my phones.

Keep in mind that you can fully customize HTC BlinkFeed and even switch over to the standard Android home screen with up to four panels. I think someone like my wife will go for an all Facebook BlinkFeed experience since that is what is important to her. I can see BlinkFeed helping those who are a bit intimidated by Android liking the simpler user experience.


The camera software looks amazing and extremely feature packed. As you can see in my video, there are tons of fun things to do with the software and I imagine it will take some time to discover it all. I really want to see some low light comparisons with the low light leader, Nokia Lumia 920, and I plan to post some when I get a chance to try out an HTC One.

What do you think of features that you see in this video, such as HTC BlinkFeed and the camera software?

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