Hands-on with the MicFlip reversible cable: The standard for all microUSB cables

I attempt to insert my microUSB cable in the wrong way on a daily basis. The MicFlip solves that problem and should be the cable all manufacturers include.


ZDNet's Eileen Brown wrote last month that a new reversible microUSB cable was coming. I've spent the last couple of weeks with the MicFlip from WinnerGear.

One thing that frustrates me daily is the use of microUSB cables with my Android and Windows Phone devices. It's rare that I ever insert the cable correctly the first time, especially when using an HTC One with an upside down port.

Apple's Lightning port is bi-directional and the new USB Type-C is reversible too. I am testing out the new ZUK Z1 $300 Android smartphone that includes USB Type-C. However, until USB Type-C is in widespread usage, we will continue to plug in via microUSB.

The MicFlip has a gold coated microUSB end that is designed to fit into your phone or mobile device in either orientation. It has a symmetrical end and is the cable that every manufacturer should include in its package.


The one meter long cable is braided and durable with rubber protection around both ends near the USB aluminum housing plugs.

You can purchase the cable in silver, gold, or red/black in 0.2, 1, or 2 meter lengths for $19.99. The cable will start shipping to customers in September.

I tested the cable with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, my BlueAnt Pump HD Bluetooth headset, and a couple battery packs. The MicFlip fit into every device perfectly, in either orientation. When I plugged the MicFlip cable into my Samsung Quick Charge adapter it also provided fast charging.


I noticed that the cable also fit in more securely than some of my standard microUSB cables that tend to loosen up and fail over time. The folks at WinnerGear conducted a survey that showed 75 percent of respondents wanted a reversible cable while 25 percent wanted a more durable cable. With the MicFlip you get both.