Hands-on with the mPact Glass Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen protector

iPhones are the most expensive smartphones today and we often see broken screens. It makes sense to pay for some peace of mind and the mPact is a worthy option.

While smartphone glass displays are built to withstand scratches, I still see a ton of broken iPhone screens so there is definitely a market for screen protection.

I've had a glass screen protector on my iPhone 6 Plus since day one. I recently removed one and installed the mPact Glass Extreme protector to see how well it performed. I did not drop test my iPhone 6 Plus because I won't risk breaking a $900 phone, but I did check out the installation process and impact on usage.

Designed by Many provides a large alcohol cleaning cloth in a sealed bag for you to use to clean your display. After cleaning, I then used the included microfiber cloth to dry off the display. You then simply peel back the clear plastic backing, labeled Step 1, line it up with the top of your iPhone 6 Plus, and then press in place as you peel off the back plastic.

There were no bubbles visible after installation and the protector is completely sealed onto the front of the display. You will find an opening for the top iPhone receiver speaker and a cutout for the Touch ID button.

The protector does not extend all the way out to the sides so that you can install a case without messing up the protector. As you can see in my image gallery, I was able to slide my iPhone 6 Plus into my favorite case, the Seidio Surface, while the mPact Glass maintained screen protection.

The edges of the mPact Glass Extreme are chamfered so the edges don't catch on your finger or anything. There is also an oleophobic coating that works extremely well at keeping down fingerprints while also offering a feel just like the native glass on your iPhone.

The mPact Glass also has antibacterial treatment to keep bacteria from building up on the display. The clarity is awesome and you cannot even tell I have a protector on my iPhone.

The mPact Glass Extreme protector is reasonably priced at $34.99 and if it protects a drop or two of your expensive phone then it may be worth it. There is a 30-day warranty for breakage due to manufacturing defect.