Hands-on with the Urban Armor Gear Rogue for Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is an expensive mobile computer that many use away from the desk. Urban Armor Gear has an attractive rugged case that offers good drop protection.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is my primary home and mobile computer. It continues to impress me daily and one way to keep it protected on the road is with the Urban Armor Gear Surface Pro 3 case.

The UAG Surface Pro 3 case is available as Rogue (red) or Scout (black) for $69.50 and I was sent a Rogue one to test out. UAG makes attractive and functional smartphone and tablet cases that meet military drop-test standards. The Rogue and Scout meet MIL STD 810G 516.6 when the Microsoft Type Cover is attached.

The UAG Rogue for the Surface Pro 3 is a one piece case with impact resistant honeycomb-textured rubber material in the inside. Rigid rubber is used along the sides with each corner having extra thickness for corner drop protection.

There are openings for all of your ports, vents, and the camera with buttons for power and volume control. A rigid piece extends along the bottom with a cutout so you can actually use your Microsoft Type Cover without compromise. The Surface Pro 3 is optimized for the Type Cover so UAG developed a protective case that supports its use.

There is a small elastic lanyard in the upper right corner that you can use to flip over the corner of your Type Cover to help keep it closed on the display in the event of a drop.

Most of the cool technology of this case takes place on the back. Here you will find UAG's awesome Frogskin Technology back material, in red or black. This is a soft rubberized material that helps you grip your Surface Pro 3 even if it gets splashed and is wet. The typical UAG design screws and ridges are found on the back to provide added back protection.

Since the back of your Surface Pro 3 is now covered, the integrated kickstand cannot be used. UAG includes a beefy aluminum kickstand that provides five viewing angles. The angles work well for using the Surface Pro 3 and the keyboard so I doubt too many will miss all the available angles on the integrated kickstand.

Plastic notches are present in the angle mechansim that allow some movement of the kickstand as you hold it above a table before you set your Surface Pro 3 in place. I also found that the kickstand can pop out from the back if you shake the case a bit too hard as well. It is a substantial kickstand that will hold your Surface Pro 3 at your selected angle, but there is a bit of movement until you get it into position.

There is no place for the stylus and your Surface Pro 3 will not fit into the Docking Station with the case on.

The Urban Armor Gear case for the Surface Pro 3 is fairly lightweight at 24 ounces, just over double the weight of the Type Cover keyboard.

If you take your Surface Pro 3 out and about, this is a good case to consider as it does provide some back and side protection for your expensive mobile computer. I like carrying my Surface Pro 3 in this case and rest a bit easier with it wrapped around my Surface Pro 3 when I travel.