Hands-on with the Urban Armor Gear Scout for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

UAG is my go-to case manufacturer when a new device is launched. Its cases are lightweight, provide excellent back and side protection, and look great too.


I can't say enough good things about Urban Armor Gear (UAG) cases and it's the first case I put on each new device. For the last week I have been using the new Galaxy Note 5 Scout (black) case with my black T-Mobile smartphone.

Everyone I show the UAG case to asks me what brand it is and where they can pick one up. The cases are lightweight, barely add any bulk to your phone, look great, and offer good back and corner protection.

Matthew Miller

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UAG has six models for the Note 5, with each model named for a different color. You can find Scout (black), Navigator (white), Outland (orange), Maverick (clear), Ash (clear with gray tint), and Magma Red (obviously red).

The back of the Note 5 case is a bit different than what I have experienced on other phones because the back has curves at the edges. UAG has the center ridge structure reversed from how it is designed on my iPhone 6 Plus, which helps maintain an overall smaller feel to the case. There is ample openings on the back for the camera, flash, and heart rate sensor.


The openings along the bottom are also plenty big enough to easily plug in your microUSB cable or headphone jack. The cutout for the S Pen is also generous enough to make taking the stylus out easy, while also providing some protection around this opening and the closest corner.

The case extends over the power and volume buttons, but the rubber button covers make it easy to control these functions.


The front material sticks out from the display just a bit so when you place your device face down it is safe and won't slip. There are raised protrusions on the corners of the back to keep your device on the table while also protecting it.

The UAG case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is available now for $39.95 and offers MIL STD 810G 516.6 drop-test satisfaction.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has an awesome design, but the back is a fingerprint magnet and it can be quite slick. It has really helped me keep hold of the Note 5 while it being protected by the UAG case. My Note 5 still fits in my front pants pocket and I worry less about it when its wrapped in a UAG case.