Hands-on with three X-Doria Apple iPhone 5 cases

There is an enormous selection of iPhone cases available and these three from X-Doria for the iPhone 5 are stylish and protective while adding minimal bulk.

There are a ton of iPhone 5 cases available and several weeks ago I received three different cases to test out from X-Doria. As you can see on their iPhone 5 case page they offer many alternative case designs to choose from. I've been using the Cubit, Engage Form, and Dash cases and have picked my personal favorite.

Check out my image gallery of the three X-Doria cases for the Apple iPhone 5.

Cubit for iPhone 5

The Cubit case is interesting because you can customize it to your liking with the interchangeable silicone cubes. You can purchase the Cubit for $29.99 in white, charcoal, or pink with two different colored collections of cubes. There is a shell case that adds minimal bulk to the iPhone 5 with a back full of cube grid openings. You place the silicone cubes into the back in any design configuration you like. The cubes provide a think protective layer inside the case to the back of your iPhone 5 with the back side of the cubes providing a surface with some grip so it won't slide around on your table or in your car. They state there are over 1 trillion possible combinations and you can see just a couple in my image gallery .

Engage Form for iPhone 5

The Engage Form case is interesting with a weave pattern design and is their most popular case. It adds minimal bulk to the iPhone 5 while also providing impact and scratch protection with the polycarbonate shell and raised woven form. It is available for $29.99 in six different metallic colors. You will find the Engage Form in silver, black, gold, crimson, blue, and orange. They sent along the blue one for me to check out and it really looks great.

Dash for iPhone 5

My personal favorite of the three cases is the Dash. The Dash has a glossy polycarbonate shell with perforated fabric material on the back. I loved the feel of the fabric and found it allowed me to slip my iPhone easily in and out of my pocket. It's pretty cool that they also provide a clear plastic oblong window in the center back that shows off the Apple logo and back of the iPhone. You can purchase the Dash for $34.99 in one of five colors; black, ash/clay, cabernet/silver, persimmon/white, and slate/bronze. I was sent the persimmon (orange) one to check out and as a fan of orange I was impressed.

All three of these cases are good choices for providing some protection, cool styling, and minimal bulk to the iPhone 5.

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