A closer look at Todoist for iOS: New features offer improved task management

Version 10 of Todoist for iOS brings several key features that make task management a breeze, including a more intelligent engine to recognize dates in various languages.

Todoist, one of the more popular task management apps for various mobile platforms, received an upgrade on Tuesday. The newest features are only available for Apple iOS devices but Todoist says they'll be arriving in the app on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and the Todoist web client in the near future.

I've been testing the newest version of Todoist and see that it's improved in all of the right places. Adding a task is easier to do all in one line: The app intelligently parses out key information such as task name, due date and priority so you can use plain language for task entry. The company says the data parsing now supports 14 languages with more than 100 rules programmed. I haven't yet been able to confound Todoist: It continues to nail the task entry process for me even with recurring items with end dates far into the future.


Managing a task list is easier as well: You can now pull two listed tasks apart and Todoist will create space for a to-do item. Do the same for two sub-tasks and you can insert a new sub-task within your list. Why is this handy? Unless you know and remember every single step to complete a task when entering it, you'll need to insert steps afterwards. The new "tap and hold" action for projects and tasks is valuable as well; this is a new easy way to expand or contract task lists.


Power users will appreciate the new multi-edit feature. In this new version of Todoist, you can highlight multiple projects or tasks to take action on them all at once. I use this to break out certain steps from some projects but you can also mark multiple tasks complete at the same time or change due dates on several items at once. And assigning multiple chores around the house to my kids is simple with this method as well, even if they're not fond of the feature.

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All in all, version 10 of Todist is an impressive upgrade that adds refinement to the mundane but often necessary action of daily task management. Although there are several similar mobile apps to help you get things done -- I've used and recommended Wunderlist, Any.Do, and Things in the past -- Todoist has kept me interested with its simplistic but powerful, cross-platform approach.

The free version of Todoist is available as a universal app for iPad and iPhone on iTunes but some advanced features, such as support for labels, reminders and automatic backups require a $29 annual fee. The company even has a business edition available costing $29 a year (or $3 per month) per user that supports up to 50 people for each project you want to manage.