Handspring reports Micron DRAM glitch

Memory problem hits two more Palm-based PDA vendors using Micron memory

At least two more handheld computer manufacturers, including Handspring and TRG Products, have reported problems with the memory chips built into their devices. Both devices run on the operating system from Palm Computing.

Palm revealed last week that some of its Palm IIIc, IIIxe and Vx devices contain a defective 8MB DRAM chip manufactured by Micron Technology. According to Palm, the problem may cause devices to damage stored information such as addresses and appointments.

Micron had originally said the problem only affected devices manufactured by Palm. Palm, TRG and Handspring have all posted software patches to their Web sites; Palm's can be found at http://www.palm.com/support/dram/.

Only devices sold between October 1999 and May 2000 are affected by the problem and all Palms with 2MB and 4MB of memory are immune, the company said.

Will Knight contributed to this report.

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