Handspring seals mm02 deal

Smartphone to get the BT treatment...
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

Smartphone to get the BT treatment...

Handspring has announced it is working with mmO2, formerly BT Wireless. The arrangement could see the new Treo smartphone - which combines a Palm OS-based PDA with a GSM phone - on at least one mmO2 network at some stage next year. However, mmO2 UK network BT Cellnet is hedging its bets with a number of smartphone and mobile connectivity options. It is even co-developing its own-brand xda smartphone, which is Microsoft PocketPC-based but otherwise similar to the Treo device and also promising services using GPRS data transfer next year. mmO2's other networks are Telfort in Holland, Digifone in Ireland, Viag Interkom in Germany and Manx Telecom in the Isle of Man.
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