Handspring Treo goes on sale in Europe

The keyboard and graffiti versions of the handheld organiser are finally on sale in the UK, with or without a BT Cellnet contract
Written by Matt Loney, Contributor

Handspring began selling its Treo handheld-cell phone combo device via its Web site on Monday, marking the gadget's UK arrival.

The Handspring Treo is available in the UK at £299 inc. VAT with connection to BT Cellnet, or £499 inc. VAT without connection -- about the same as prices as it is being offered for in the US. Both the "Graffiti" handwriting recognition and the keyboard versions are priced the same.

Initial shipments will be dual-band GSM devices, and a GPRS software upgrade will be available shortly, according to Handspring. The devices are based on the Palm OS, have 16MB of memory are are compatible with Microsoft Outlook. A full review is available here.

Shipping the device is a key milestone for Handspring, which has said it plans to phase out sales of its non-wireless organisers in favour of products like the Treo. The device was announced in October, two months after some details were made public in a regulatory filing. Handspring has already started selling the device in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The company said in December that shipments of the Treo in the US were being slowed by shortage of a key component. The company later said it was on track to meet its revised goal of having the Treo on store shelves by March.

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