Hard-core Apple fans threaten Parisian chaos

While French lorry drivers are clogging the Chunnel, disgruntled Apple users are preparing to sabotage Steve Jobs' keynote in Paris

A group of militant British Mac users plan to disrupt Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Apple Expo in Paris next week.

The group, identified only as "the Expo protest team", sent emails to several Mac news sites this week alerting editors to a peaceful protest at the show.

The protest will focus on three issues: the cancellation of the UK Mac show in favour of Apple Expo Paris, recent legal action taken against Web sites who have released details of forthcoming products, and a perception that Apple isn't showing sufficient respect to its loyal customer base.

The Expo protest team claims that Apple is becoming arrogant, and needs to be made aware of growing discontent against the company. The speech outlining their complaints will be shared between several people so that it can be delivered in full even if some protesters are evicted.

Several Web sites have published rumours and information that Apple claims is confidential. The company recently sued Mac News Network, who it accused of illegally soliciting details of PhotoShop 6. It also issued a lawsuit against an unknown individual who allegedly posted details of a new Apple mouse and dual-processor Power Mac G4.

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