Hardware QWERTY phone debate lost, Nokia please make one with Windows Phone 8

80 percent of the voters in the latest ZDNet Great Debate chose physical QWERTY smartphone keyboards over touch screen so where are all the QWERTY devices now?


I was smoked (80 to 20) in this week's ZDNet Great Debate on whether or not hardware QWERTY keyboards were desirable or not. I used to be a QWERTY fan, but am perfectly happy with the touch screen methods today. With such an overwhelming victory for hardware QWERTY on a phone, you would think there would be more available.

The BlackBerry Q10 is the latest hardware QWERTY device and I think it is one of the best BlackBerry devices ever. I do appreciate the tactile feel of a QWERTY and honestly I still keep a few around to bang on from time-to-time.

Other than the Q10, we see some older smartphones like the Droid 4 and several feature phones. There is no longer any Galaxy QWERTY devices or any Windows Phone 8 QWERTYs and Apple has never went with a physical QWERTY. If people seem to want them, why are they not being made?

I loved the hardware QWERTY on the Nokia E7, E71x, and HTC Touch Pro2. Given Nokia's dominance with Windows Phone, their design history of QWERTY, and the enterprise focus of QWERTY I want to see them release a new Windows Phone with either the portrait QWERTY like an E71 or the landscape QWERTY like an E7. Can you please make this happen Nokia?