Hashtag SettleDownBezos: Do we really need Amazon hashtag ordering on Twitter?

Seriously, Jeff? Do we really need to be able to order stuff through Twitter, too? There's convenience and then there's this. There really does need to be some friction in the shopping process.

Let's start with a basic disclosure: My wife and I buy a lot (a heck of a lot) from Amazon. It's fair to say that our Prime account is our primary way of purchasing. If we need something, we check Prime first, even before our local stores.

So, yeah, we get the value of Amazon. We're active, loyal customers.

I didn't complain when Amazon promised to airdrop our latest toilet paper delivery, because, well, first I didn't believe it would happen here, and second, it would be cool.

I personally think the Amazon airdrones don't stand a chance in 'merica because they'll most likely be hijacked, stolen, or hacked for joyrides. Flying delivery machines without direct human drivers? Heck, even UPS packages aren't safe in some areas.

Okay. Good enough. Google has self-driving cars. Amazon has flying delivery drones. And Apple has the ability to create roads in the middle of lakes. I know. I kid Apple.

But now, there's this news: Today we hear that Amazon has linked accounts with Twitter so if you see an Amazon product tweeted on Twitter... let's stop there, shall we? Why would you see an Amazon product tweeted on Twitter? Do you really tweet out your subscribe-and-save subscription to lotionless tissues? Really?

Ah well, anyway, if you see some Amazon product tweeted on Twitter, you can reply to that tweet with the hashtag #AmazonCart and Amazon will dutifully put the product in your cart.

Really? I mean, really?!?

Look, I'm not a Luddite. I'm as tech-obsessed as it's possible to get without a DSM diagnosis. But really? Do we really need this?

Hashtag srlsly? Hashtag OverTheTop. Hashtag WeSpendTooMuchAnyway. Hashtag MakeItStop. Hashtag SettleDownBezos. Oh, and Hashtag AmazonCart. I really do need another case of TP.

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