Have a Hi-Tech Halloween

The Web's best resource for games, gear, activities, mischief, and more! Here is a round up of the most happening Halloween gadgets available.


Too mature for costumes and sweets? You can still look good this Halloween. As long as you equip yourself with a few choice gadgets, you can take the kiddies 'round the block and not lose your cool. We offer a digital camera to capture the moment, before the masks come off, a pair of night-vision goggles so your little goblins never leave your sight, and many more ideas for a no-fail Halloween. Staying Out Late? Equip Yourself with These Must-Have Gadgets


If you're like us, Halloween means putting up a Do Not Disturb sign to discourage trick-or-treaters, slobbing out on a couch with a bowl of crisps, and having your little midnight matinee. Choose wisely this year with the help of our exclusive web tour, which offers the ultimate look at the history of the horror-movie genre. Horror Films on the Net