HDS to deliver cloud solution to Equinix global datacentres

Hitachi Data Systems and Equinix have announced an agreement where HDS will offer its private cloud solutions from within Equinix's global datacentres.

As part of a new agreement, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) will be delivering its cloud-compute-as-a-service solution through Equinix's international business exchange (IBX) datacentres.

HDS will offer private cloud solutions for Equinix IBX datacentres located in 32 markets globally. Working with HDS, Equinix enterprise customers will be able to combine the platforms, software, and managed solutions required to create a private cloud infrastructure.

Jim Poole, Equinix global service provider vice president, said the partnership will help companies achieve the benefits of an on-premises cloud solution, and move upfront costs associated with traditional technology deployments to an outcome-based, pay-as-you-go pricing model.

"To achieve optimal performance and cost benefits in the cloud, enterprises are actively consolidating IT assets, positioning systems within strategically located datacentres, and ensuring access to multiple cloud providers," he said.

In a separate announcement, telco company Optus Business announced that it will offer Riverbed Technology's SteelCentral application and network performance management solutions as a managed service.

This will allow Optus enterprise management centre analysts to monitor the network and status of business-critical applications, and identify performance issues before the end users notice.

"As business-critical applications are no longer solely delivered from an internal private data centre, it is crucial to manage application performance and its impact on end-user experience to ensure an issue is fixed before it negatively impacts business productivity, profitability, and customer experience," said David Caspari, Optus Business vice president of product and IT.

NetApp announced that it bought Riverbed Technology's SteelStore business for $80 million for in a bid to expand the flexibility of its data backup and protection services.