HDTV shipments with larger screens and LCD to grow in 2012 (report)

Are you planning to buy an LCD TV soon? If so, this might be a good year for it as prices are expected to drop.

Consumer demand for new, higher-end television sets weren't reportedly what manufacturers hoped it would be, but there is room for improvement in 2012.

A new report from NPD DisplaySearch posits that demand for the total TV market will rise by 2 percent, which doesn't sound like much, but it's a good start with an expectation of 254 million units shipped overall.

Specifically, LCD screens and larger displays will likely again in popularity, according to the study. DisplaySearch argues that large TV screens (40 inches and larger) show strong growth and will climb to 12 percent more shipments in 2012.

LCD is also becoming the more dominant choice over plasma as it is expected to increase from 82 percent to 88 percent of all TV shipments worldwide.

One explanation for the expected uptick in TV shipments that DisplaySearch touches on briefly (at least in regards to Black Friday) are cheaper price tags. But Deal News predicts that a number of products -- especially consumer tech goodies -- are will be much cheaper in 2012.

For example, maybe there is more hope yet for 3D TV (and even 3D smartphone) shipments this year too.

Another recent report from DisplaySearch found that 3D LCD TV shipments continue to grow significantly as they will jump from accounting for approximately about 7 percent of LCD shipments to 11 percent by the end of 2012.

However, it's unclear as to when we'll see these upticks exactly, and they might not happen until later this year. With CES 2012 set for next week, a whole slew of new products are set to be unveiled and roll out over the course of this year. Thus, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for discounted prices on older models, but don't expect anything drastically cheaper for awhile.

[Graph via NPD DisplaySearch]