Head-mounted displays still a headache

The latest wearable computer display to reach ZDNet UK's reviews labs didn't quite hit the spot

The latest testing by ZDNet UK Reviews has found that the truly wearable computer display -- a long-held vision of the IT industry -- is still some distance from reality.

Over the years, several companies have produced miniature screens that, they say, give users on the move a taste of desktop-quality displays None really succeeded, and the latest contender -- Eyetop.net's eponymous high-tech glasses -- also fails to hit the mark, found the review.

Eyetop is a pair of spectacles that contains a tiny LCD display for connection to a notebook or a portable video or DVD player -- wear the glasses and watch the video, says the company.

Testing the device, ZDNet UK Reviews found that it was difficult to watch video on the Eyetop for long, due to significant flickering and the size of the image. The size and design of the control box was also a concern On the plus side, the Eyetop's display does offer a good level of detail and sharp colours.

But anyone desperate to free themselves from their existing screen would seem to have a bit longer to wait.

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