Health IT leaders show off to Gates

When he wasn't dismissing the $100 laptop or showing off Origami, Bill Gates took time to check out the government's progress in electronic health records. He came away impressed.

Federal health IT managers had a "great meeting" with Bill Gates to show him the progress they've made in implementing electronic health records on an enterprise level, Federal Computer Week reports.

Gates “was very, very engaged in the discussion” and offered ideas about how Microsoft could help advance the implementation of health IT, [assistant secretary of defense for health affairs Dr. William] Winkenwerder said. “Some of it was at a very technical level,” he said.

Another official, Dr. Jonathan Perlin, undersecretary of veterans affairs for health, said the meeting particularly focused on interoperability of health records and the government’s work in promoting the use of online medical records.

“It was very clear that he’s thinking deeply about the role of information systems in improving health care worldwide,” Perlin said.