Heathrow coach gets free wi-fi en route

And an eye in the sky

And an eye in the sky

Business travellers on their way to Heathrow by coach will soon be able to trim their downtime thanks to a new wi-fi service.

Vehicles used by the RailAir coach service, which runs between Reading and Heathrow airport every 20 minutes, have been upgraded to provide a free wi-fi service to passengers.

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The cellular broadband gateways behind the service come from vendor Icomera.

According to the company, users can expect broadband speeds over 2Mbps during their journey.

As well as giving travellers an opportunity to surf gratis, the gateways will allow FirstGroup, which runs the RailAir service, to track the coaches en route.

By getting real-time access to the vehicles' whereabouts, FirstGroup can track how the service is being affected by any traffic delays and how closely drivers are sticking to schedules.