Help in the hunt for the Higgs boson

Help CERN in the hunt for the Higgs boson particle.

Got some computer power going spare? Why not help CERN in the hunt for the Higgs boson particle.

The project, dubbed LHC@home 2.0, allows volunteers to run simulations of particle collisions on home computers.The aim of the project is to split up the enormous task of simulating the collisions between particles, distribute the workload between a network of computers and then sending back the results of those simulations back to CERN.

"By looking for discrepancies between the simulations and the data, we are searching for any sign of disagreement between the current theories and the physical Universe," says the LHC@home 2.0 website.

"Ultimately, such a disagreement could lead us to the discovery of new phenomena, which may be associated with new fundamental principles of nature."

If you want to help CERN researchers, you need to first install the VirtualBox softwarethen install the BOINC software, and finally attach your computer to the project.

So, who's in?