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Help Me Keep My 2015 Resolution

In line with the SAP mission to Run Simple, Christine Donato simplifies five common 2015 resolutions as well as her own promise for the new year.


It's January and, naturally, with this month comes much resolution chatter. The gyms are crammed, trees out on curbs, and refrigerators full of pork and sauerkraut, a meal believed to bring fortune into the New Year.

This year my garrulous guests shared their resolutions, wide eyed and hopeful. However, according to research, only 8 percent of Americans who make resolutions keep them. 75 percent of those seeking a fresh start sustain their promises for a short seven days. And 46 percent of people make it to the six month mark.

My company of employment, SAP, dedicated its resolution to Run Simple. From the solutions we offer to the way we operate internally, SAP vowed to run simpler and easier. You can learn about it here.

However, I'd like to apply the "simple" concept to the resolutions I heard most frequently discussed last week. With a fresh and simple approach, they are all easily achievable.

1. Stop texting and driving: Focus on one objective...driving. Don't multitask while behind the wheel. We now have smart cars that can do the communicating for you. Put your phone down.

2. Lose weight: Eat simpler. Cut out the processed foods. Stick to simple meals with fresh ingredients and lots of flavor.

3. Spend Money Wisely: Stick to the basics. Buy only what you need. Save the extras for a treat when you deserve it.

4. Eliminate Drama: Stop listening to it! Worry about your own problems and the others will fade away.

5. Work Harder: Trim unnecessary busy work from your day to day. Read this article on how to best craft emails. Instead of typing a novel, pick up your phone. A simple discussion can be very effective.

Keeping Run Simple in mind, my 2015 New Year resolution is quite easy.

2014 was a global roller coaster ride. Right now, it seems that the world is full of hate and turmoil, and frankly, it's discouraging and sad. To combat this global struggle, I challenge myself--and I challenge you as well--to do one good deed a day.


This deed does not have to be much. It can be as little as holding your tongue when you want to pass judgment on another; refraining from sharing a crude joke; picking up a piece of litter; or allowing someone to pass you in traffic. It's simple. It's little. And it's easy.

Some people believe it takes 21 days to form a habit. Others say that the magic number is 66, and some can stick to a habit after only one day.

Whichever practice works for you, you're up to bat. I challenge you. In 2015, let's simplify kindness and put a little love back into the world.

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