HERE for iOS launches as native app with free offline GPS navigation functionality

Many people use their phones for GPS navigation in their car, on public transit, and when walking around town. Nokia's HERE for iOS is available now for free with worldwide map support.

Back in December 2013 Nokia pulled HERE maps from the Apple App Store because the app was not optimized for iOS.


Now that HERE is a Nokia company that is not tied to Microsoft and Windows Phone, it just released the full HERE for iOS with free worldwide offline map support.

HERE is available in the App Store now (iTunes link) and I am testing it out on my iPhone 6 Plus. When I travel outside the US, I always carry a phone that supports offline maps for GPS navigation and in the past that always meant a Nokia Lumia smartphone. You can now download the world to your iPhone.

Google Maps has offline map support, but it is not a straightforward process to get those maps onto your iPhone.

HERE lets you select countries and/or states and have full control over what maps you want downloaded onto your device. Offline mapping and navigation supports points-of-interest searching, as well as navigation by car, public transportation, and foot.

Here states that this new HERE for iOS app was written from the ground up for iOS. The previous version was based on HTML5 and had limitations the company was not satisfied with. I've only spent a couple hours with it, but things are looking good so far and I just may be moving back to HERE from Google.

ZDNet's Liam Tung wrote that HERE for Android left beta in February. HERE supports a single account login so you can use HERE on multiple platforms and save your favorite places into collections and access them from whatever device you are using. HERE collections work on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, and via a web browser at