Here's a hosted Vs. premises ROI Number-Crunch Tool

Enterprise IT consulting firm InfoTech says that U.S.

Enterprise IT consulting firm InfoTech says that U.S. enterprise purchases of Hosted IP Telephony will grow from $310 million this year to - whoa, Nellie- $5.9 billion in 2010.

Hosted IP Telephony is when IP-based voice communications are handled remotely by a Network Service Provider rather than on-site Customer Premises Equipment.

Both the CPE and Hosted Side have their value propositions.

And, in technology service marketing, "value prop.=sales pitch.

Sales pitch=yada,yada.

But after all the hyperbole, how can you crunch the numbers objectively enough to make a decision?

InfoTech is offering a free 30-day trial copy of its Hosted vs. Premises IP Telephony ROI Tool. In a moment, I will tell you how to get it, but first, don't you want to know what it includes?

K, the tool models the impact of:

  • System purchase -- including voice messaging and terminals
  • Hosted solution -- including voice messaging & purchased/leased  terminals
  • Remote gateways for multi-site configurations
  • Implementation
  • User and administrator training
  • Planning and design resources
  • Project management resources
  • Maintenance
  • Remote monitoring
  • Major/minor software updates for IP Telephony/Voice/Unified Messaging
  • Moves, Adds, Changes
  • Floor space, HVAC, power, insurance
  • Access and toll costs
  • System administration
  • System technicians
  • Security management
  • Continuity management and configuration backups

And once you crunch the data, you can use the Tool to sculpt output such as:

  • ROI and breakeven analyses
  • Multi-year cash flow comparisons
  • Net present value comparisons
  • Total cost of ownership for each alternative
  • Comparisons of annual cash flows across major expense/benefit categories
  • Summary of Assumptions and Inputs used in the analysis

OK, here's where you get InfoTech's Hosted vs. Premises IP Telephony ROI Tool.  Sure, you gotta give 'm some info, but the associated PITA factor is lower than most of these "tell us about your company" gatekeepers.

And once you try this tool, come back here and TalkBack what you think. Useful?