Here's an Apple Watch app parents will love but teens will hate

Volkswagen's new app for Apple's wearable is a parent's dream: You'll get a notification when your VW leaves a preset area or surpasses a configurable speed limit.


As a the parent of a teenaged driver, I can appreciate what Volkswagen is trying do with its Apple Watch app. My son, however, is less likely to be excited.

The just announced Volkswagen's Car-Net app for Apple Watch can notify parents when the vehicle is driven somewhere it shouldn't be or is going too fast.

The new app supports select VW vehicles from the 2014 model year and up. Car owners can set up geo-fenced areas for driving: When the car leaves that area, a notifcation will appear on the Apple Watch.

I actually use Apple's Find My Friends app for similar usage, just so I know my kids are where they say they are. They, of course, know about such monitoring activities since they had to approve location tracking on their iPhones.

I can't easily replicate another parent-friendly Car-Net for Apple Watch function with the native iOS app though. You can pre-set a speed limit for your supported Volkswagen vehicle and get notified when that speed limit is exceeded by a driver. Luckily, I haven't seen any speeding tickets (yet!) from my young driver.

VW's Apple Watch app isn't all about monitoring your car when it's out of your sight, though.

You'll be able to remotely lock or unlock your car if you have a 2016 model, for example. Horn honking and flashing the car's lights from your wrist are also options. Checking your VW's gas tank or electric battery level can be done on the Apple Watch. And the app will help you easily locate your car if you can't remember where you parked it. Or where your kids parked it, for that matter.