Here's what smartphone owners want from the iPhone 6

What people want from the iPhone 6 might not be what they get. While smartphone owners want better battery life and tougher displays, apple might be looking to use the new iPhone to open up new markets.

Image: CNET

While we know very little as to what Apple has in store for us with the iPhone 6 tomorrow, we can take the temperature of existing smartphone owners and find out what they want from the iPhone 6.

Personal finances website has pulled together information from a number of sources looking not only at past iPhone sales, and the new innovations present in each model, but also what people want from the new iPhone.

When it comes to most popular improved features, leading the list with 37 percent is better battery life. While Apple currently promises people up to 10 hours of talk time, and 8 hours on 3G, this doesn't seem like enough.

Next on the list of popular improved features is a larger screen. It seems that 3.5-inches isn't enough for 19.2 percent of respondents, and that the trend for larger displays is one that Apple will have to embrace. How large Apple will go – 4.7-inches, or as big as 5.5-inches – is at present unknown, but there's a clear demand for a bigger display, which would come in handy for both content consumption and creation.

Completing the list of most wanted improved features is a better camera and better phone reception (both 11 percent), and more storage space (10 percent).

When it comes to new features, at the top of the list with 45.5 percent of the voters is a sapphire screen. A sapphire screen would be far more durable and scratch-resistant than the current Gorilla Glass that Apple uses, even a sapphire-reinforced screen can break.

Next on the list with 19.2 percent of the votes is an infrared camera. I guess people want to be able to see and photograph in the dark.

Next, with only 10.7 percent are new health and fitness tools. Given that iOS 8 will feature HealthKit, we know that this is a direction that Apple will go in, but how much will be in the iPhone 6 and how much will rely on accessories – sold separately – remains to be seen.

Completing the list we have 3D images at 9.5 percent, and new control tools for home appliances at 7.7 percent. Given that iOS will come with HomeKit, a tool that brings together home automation functionality in one place, maybe people don't want this as much as Apple thinks they do.

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