Here's what's inside a $4,250 PC (and how you can easily make it a $6,500 PC)

Got a few thousand dollars burning a hole in your pocket? Want to spend that money on a PC that'll be so fast it'll blow your hair back? Here's what you need.

It's all very well and good daydreaming about owning a super-fast, all-purpose PC, but what would you actually need to make that a reality?

Well, first off you need $4,250 (plus extra for sales tax and carriage and the like, but I'll ignore that for the purposes of this piece). Then you take that money to your favorite PC hardware vendor and exchange it for the following components.

But, in reality, the $4,250 price tag is really just the tip of the iceberg here. If I swapped out the motherboard for one with dual-PCI-e slots - something like the MSI X99A GodLike Gaming Carbon, which will already add $599 to the price - then you're opening the door to a lot of upgrades, adding four of those GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards.

And all of a sudden the price has rocketed up to almost $6,500. And that's without adding more SSDs to bump up the storage.

It's never a case of how fast you want to go, but instead a question of how fast you want to spend!

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