Hermes Avalon blanket: Luxury lounging

A cashmere cover that beats anything you'll find in business class.

Once the leaves start to fall, a lot of people turn into homebodies. We don't blame them -- who wouldn't want to stay far away from icy slush or high winds? With a roof over your head and a hot cup of tea on hand, there's nothing like the company of a soft blanket to round it all out. (Just ask Linus.)

Highbrow comfort seekers can look no further than the Avalon blanket by Hermes, the French luxury goods manufacturer known for its silk scarves and neckties.

With 85 percent wool, you are sure to stay warm when the temperatures drop. And cashmere provides a softness that you won't be able to find in the complimentary plastic-wrapped polyester version waiting for you on your next international flight.

Avalon blanket by Hermes can be purchased online or at retail stores. $1,300.

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