Heroku pushes platform API out to public in beta

The Salesforce.com subsidiary has been busy spreading its wings as a fuller-fledged Platform-as-a-Service option to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

The week is almost out, but Heroku has a big development to push out first with the release of its new platform API.

Now available in public beta mode, the API is essentially supposed to enable developers to automate and connect Heroku with other services through app creation and provisioning add-ons.

The API is especially intended for building mobile apps that control Heroku from smartphones and tablets.

Heroku has been busy over the last few months spreading its wings as a fuller-fledged Platform-as-a-Service option.

Back in January , the Salesforce.com subsidiary expanded support to the popular Python web developer language, putting it on the same playing field as Microsoft Azure and the Google App Engine.

Most recently in April , Heroku made it possible for developers running apps on its U.S. cloud app platform to also be able to deploy them from a new region covering Europe, lining it up more with Amazon Web Services.

All of the nitty gritty details for getting started with using the API are available on Heroku's blog now.