Hewlett Packard Enterprise rounds out 3PAR lineup

HPE broadened its 3PAR lineup by adding migration tools and integrating its StoreOnce and StoreEver product lines.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise said it will integrate its StoreOnce and StoreEver storage products and integrate them with its 3PAR StoreServ systems.

In August, HPE refreshed its core 3PAR systems with the aim of winning over customers who were pondering all-flash arrays. The updates announced Monday are designed to migrate traditional storage workloads to flash.


Among the additions:

  • The company outlined the 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Converged File Block Starter Kit, which consolidates storage onto one system.
  • HPE outlined reference architecture for 3PAR StoreServ to address Sharepoint, virtual desktop environments and information management.
  • HPE Data Protector is also now integrated with 3PAR to provide recovery tools.
  • Automated libraries, media and drives for StoreEver.
  • Entry and mid-range StoreOnce Systems with native integration for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Veritas and Veeam applications.
  • 3PAR Flash Acceleration for Oracle to boost database performance, migration tools and support for 3D NAND drives.

As for pricing, 3D NAND SSDs will be available Dec. 17 with a starting price of $2,075 per drive with initial capacities of 400GB. The 3PAR StoreServ 8200 Converged File and Block Starter Kit is available Dec. 7 starting at $36,201.

The other systems will also be available in December and prices vary from $6,000 to more than $25,000.