HiddenHub acoustic system uses IoT to adapt to your environment

HiddenHUB, is an acoustic system paired with advanced functions and stylish design which adapts the audio to the shape of your room and remembers your music choice when you return home.

The HiddenHUB uses adaptive sound technology to bring you an optimal sound experience. Rather than spreading multiple speakers around a room or changing the layout to improve acoustics, HiddenHUBadapts to the room itself.

HiddenHub acoustic system uses IoT to adapt to your environment ZDNet

the New York company launched HiddenHUB on Kickstarter last week. Pledges have already exceeded $400,000, more than double its initial $200,000 goal.

A built-in accelerometer reads the HUB's orientation, recognizing whether the HUB is on a coffee table or mounted on a wall. Proximity sensors use infrared signals to determine the optimal sound balance for the shape of the room.

It can connect with any smartphone or computer via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, streaming directly from Apple TV using AirPlay, or added to your existing wireless setup.

It can be controlled with smartwatches like the Apple and Pebble watches, as well as apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

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The hub can create its own Wi-Fi network without the need for an Internet or router connection, meaning you could spread HUBs in off-the-grid locations.

The HUB includes a smart dial to adjust volume and change songs.

It has accent lighting and includes an AutoPlay system that senses when a user leaves home to turn off music and seamlessly picks up where the user left off.

Wireless technology performance differs, especially in terms of audio. Depending on your needs, some will work better than others.

Bluetooth is good for portable devices, since it consumes very little power. Devices can run for a long time while running on a relatively small battery. Whilst this works well for portable speakers, up to 90 percent of the music information is lost when compressing audio files for Bluetooth.

HiddenHUB uses Wi-Fi audio protocols to transfer all of the audio information to deliver full, lossless, CD-quality music. Combined with its acoustic design and adaptive sound technology, you can enjoy the ultimate smart speaker

"We wanted to create an ecosystem of great technology wrapped in an elegant and timeless design," said John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, Co-Founder of Hidden.

"The companionship of music and design is an important part of Hidden's mission, and the HiddenHUB is the strongest element in our work thus far to elevate the smart home."

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