A job in IT security might be your next money-maker

A lead software security engineer earns on average just over $233,000 per year.

IT security jobs are in an increasingly high demand in the wake of high profile attacks against major US companies. As a result, salaries are rising to meet expectations.

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According to Dice, a job search site for technology professionals, most senior security jobs are now well beyond the six-figure salary range.

A lead software security engineer, for example, can make on average over $233,300 each year in salary. A chief security officer -- more often than not a director-level position, if not higher -- makes slightly less at about $225,000 on average per year.

A global information security director, meanwhile, whose role it is to implement disaster discovery programs in line with a company's information security standards, can expect to make on average $200,000 mark on average annually.

Other jobs falling down the list include IT security consultants, directors of security, cybersecurity leads and engineers, and application security managers.