Hills opens two new startup design centres in Adelaide

Hills has opened up applications to give local innovators the opportunity to bring their ideas to the Lance Hill Design Centre and the D-Shop, which are due to open in early May.

Hills Limited is inviting Australian innovators to apply for the opportunity to develop and commericalise their ideas at one of the two innovation centres the company will be opening in Adelaide on 7 May 2014.

According to Hills, the first round of applications is open to local innovators working in data analytics, security and safety, and communication and mobility. 

Through a funding partnership with the South Australian Government, AU$5 million is being invested to open the Lance Hill Design Centre (LHDC), which is focused on advancing design innovation in areas of healthcare, and aged and home care.

The funds will also be used to open the Digital Research and Commercialisation Centre (D-Shop) that will aim to encourage and provide appropriate funding for development projects and pilots, as well as support early stage startups in the areas of Internet of Things applications, including wearable health and wellbeing devices, safety, and security.

"Hills is undergoing a major transformation to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. We believe this mirrors the challenges facing South Australia. We both need new opportunities for renewal and growth," said Hills' group managing director and CEO, Ted Pretty, who told business leaders to "harden up" last week.

"Our collaboration with the South Australian Government, UniSA, and Flinders University is a positive step towards supporting new and innovative opportunities in South Australia. Hills is pleased to contribute funding as the private sector must play a role in generating economic prosperity.

"We are optimistic that creating the two centres in Adelaide will act as a catalyst for new products and businesses to be incubated from within the State."

The education campuses that will be involved in the project are UniSA, Flinders University, and the University of Adelaide.

The first round of applications will close on 22 April 2014. Successful applicants will then be invited to attend the Hills Pitch Day at either the LHDC or the D-Shop on 8 May 2014, where they will be given the opportunity to present their ideas in front of a panel of commercial and academic experts.