History's worst design failures [infographic]

Poor architecture sticks out like a sore thumb -- and what are eight of the worst examples in history?

We all make mistakes -- but for architects, they can make or break a career and become either a city's showcase or laughing stock. In the worst scenarios, bad design can cost lives.

In order to learn, architecture students should study not only the greatest constructions of our times, but also the biggest failures. To that end, the New School of Architecture and Design created an infographic which documents some of the worst architectural blunders throughout history.

The list begins with 27 AD and the construction of the Fidenae amphitheatre, a building that was constructed out of wood and collapsed due to the weight of spectators. Other examples including the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, both of which carry the same obvious message -- foundations have to be strong enough to support environmental conditions and function.

Skip ahead, and we're in 2009, where environmental conditions and basic construction precepts are ignored to the detriment of objects around the building and people.

Via: Fast Co.Design

Image credit: New School of Architecture and Design

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