Hit the road like Harrison Ford with the Indy bag (review)

This bag is designed to fit the iPad or other tablet, for hitting the road in a rugged yet stylish way.

Gear bags are a personal thing, and some of us like to keep them as thin and light as possible. The Indy bag from SFbags fits that description exactly, yet can carry a decent load on the road.

The Indy is a stylish bag made of rugged leather that is being pitched as an urban bag for toting the iPad on the streets. While it certainly can do that it will handle any tablet of the 10-inch variety or smaller. It is a vertical messenger bag with a comfortable shoulder strap.

The Indy uses a recessed zipper to keep the contents of the bag safely in place. There is a big pocket inside for the iPad (thin 10-inch netbooks would fit), and two smaller pockets for carrying accessories or other gear. There is also a key holder inside the inner compartment.

The front of the Indy has a big pocket for those things you may need to access quickly. It has a small pocket in the center that fits most smartphones perfectly, keeping them safe but near at hand.

The sleek back of the Indy has a zippered pocket that can handle larger flat items.

The construction quality of the Indy bag is typical for SFbags. I own several of their bags and laptop sleeves and I have never had one wear out, even with years of heavy usage. The price of $179 may be high for some, but the quality is first-rate.

The Indy is available in brown leather as pictured, or in black. Several accent colors are available at checkout to personalize your own Indy bag. Hit the road in style with the Indy, but note there is no holder for a bullwhip.