Hitachi unveils secure sync and share platform

Hitachi Data Systems claims that its cloud storage service will offer businesses better control and security than the consumer orientated alternatives.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has launched a new sync and share platform in a bid to attract enterprise customers that aren't satisfied with the consumer orientated services already on the market. 

Its Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere (HCP Anywhere) is conceived as an alternative to consumer cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box

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HCP Anywhere enables employees to access and share documents and photos from a wide range of devices. When a user saves a file to their HCP Anywhere folder, it is automatically synced to all registered devices and becomes available via web browsers.

Users can share files with people by sending access-controlled, time-sensitive links instead of attachments, thereby taking the strain off email storage and network payloads.

"It's file synchronisation and sharing for the enterprise," HDS CTO Peter Sjoberg said. 

Sjoberg claimed that this was the first file sync and share platform to be built entirely by one vendor. "File sync and share is not new," he said. "But we at HDS own, understand and have developed the entire technology stack."

HDS claims that customer data stored on the HCP Anywhere platform will be kept safer than consumer-grade file sharing services that have struggled to gain the confidence of enterprise IT groups because they neglect control, security and compliance practices.

Unlike many consumer cloud storage platforms, HCP Anywhere allows IT departments to see where data is being stored and who has access to it. "I can gurantee where data is located," Sjoberg said. "Others can't. I can show you who has seen the data and without that you're not really enterprise viable."

HDS currently has two datacentres in the US, but revealed that it was intending to open more around the world because many enterprises wanted their data to be stored in their country.

On cost, Sjoberg said HCP Anywhere had a $17,000 (£11,260) list price. "That includes the enterprise software and the server technology," he said. Customers would also have to pay an additional $168 per seat when they bought 100 seats. The price was reduced when more seats were bought, Sjoberg said. 

Box has a business package for as little as £11 per user per month, but customers interested in the enterprise package must call up the sales department. 

End users can download the HCP Anywhere client app on their iOS devices from the Apple iTunes store.