Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy comes to your mobile

'Earth Edition' of Guide includes wacky and eccentric information for wannabe cosmic hitchhikers

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is to be made into a real guide to intergalactic travel thanks to the wonders of the Internet and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

In the famous book, created by Douglas Adams in 1979, the the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy takes the form of a small handheld computer containing indispensable advice for any intergalactic traveller. Although it is yet actually possible to thumb your way around the galaxy, this does not seem to have deterred Adams who plans to create such a reference device for wannabe space cadets.

The information for the "Earth Edition" of The Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy will be beamed directly from the official Hitchhiker's Web site: www.h2g2.com where thousands of science fiction enthusiasts have already contributed knowledge of the workings of the galaxy for free.

Following the slightly eccentric style of the original guide, the 22,500 existing entries contain such vital information as the location of good pubs in London to the intriguing fact that when you hit Marmite with a spoon it turns white.

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