Hockey pitches Uber, but for the economy

As the car service promises to create 20,000 jobs in Australia in 2015, Treasurer Joe Hockey has reportedly said that Uber and Netflix will be sources of employment growth within the country.

Job growth in Australia is more likely to come from Uber, or online services like Netflix, according to Treasurer Joe Hockey.

As speculation mounts that Hockey's own job prospects are on shaky ground, the treasurer reportedly told Cabinet colleagues that the government's new plans to boost small business in Australia will be targeted at technology companies, like Uber or Netflix.

"The jobs are in Uber," Hockey reportedly said.

It comes as the transport company has promised it will create 20,000 jobs in Australia in 2015.

"We are setting ourselves a challenge, which we believe we can achieve through partnership with governments and organisations who share our vision of opening up economic opportunity in every city," the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Each of these new jobs will be filled by people who have passed rigorous criminal and driving history background checks, who are fully insured, and who are seeking to earn a flexible income to support their families."

Uber is, however, facing pressure from state governments and the taxi industry over its operating practices. The company has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for UberX drivers.

In New South Wales, the government is taking UberX drivers to court, alleging that the budget service is in breach of the Passenger Transport Act by offering a service without accreditation.

The company has reportedly begun blocking the mobile phones and credit cards associated with undercover officers in Queensland targeting UberX drivers.

There have also been a number of Uber drivers charged for allegedly sexual assaulting passengers in the past few months.

The government has indicated that it will seek to grow small business in Australia through a 1.5 percent tax cut and benefits in the May Budget.